About Me


Let’s get to know each other (or at least me :)) Bit of a narcissism confession:

Good evening everyone. So here I am, sitting at the table, enjoying my cup of coffee, and staring at a white monitor. Last night I had so many thoughts, I couldn’t fall asleep till 5 am. Where are they today? Who the hell knows… As I always said to myself start writing and you will find them. Let’s try this trick again.

My name is Juliet and I made this blog to be closer to people in the States, and maybe in the world. I want to share with you my experience of food, wines, travels and maybe some personal events. A big part of my blog I will dedicate to little French cookies – les Macarons – but a little bit later. Today I’m just writing about me, remember… I guess here I should say “lol”.

I’m originally from Ukraine, but I’ve lived in the US a little over 3 years. I have a wonderful husband Peter and monkey-dog Sean in my little family, which I adore. I grew up in a very well-educated family. My parents always had the crazy idea to give me as much as they could, that’s how I got couple degrees and even started my PhD (is there a nerd emoticon?). But there is something in my blood, probably special DNA (top secret! just kidding). My family for a long time has had a little vineyard in Crimea and I spent every summer there for years. Probably my bad habits (at least, my passion for wines) started there. I will try to give a good review of them later. I love to drink, but mostly wines, sometimes beer. Gin, vodka (ugh), tequila … not for me.

I love to cook and to bake, and I view this as an art. I promise I’ll try to share absolutely delicious recipes. I take on all kinds of cuisines, that’s why you will find here everything from amazing kebab to delicate Niçoise salad.

My second hobby is photography. Taking pictures everyday really pushed me to get more innovative and to learn the tricks behind the editing process. I will share more, I promise.

I love to read, sometimes non-stop, skipping sleep. My most recent favorite is Charles Bukowski.

Also I enjoy: coffee with lots of milk, travel, high heels, animals, flowers, good movies, delicious tea, Norah Jones and Frank Sinatra, the scents of fresh cut grass and jasmine.

I hate rudeness, lies, impudence, and wasting my time.

I’m a huge patriot. Now I have two countries which I’m proud to call my own.

I admire and respect others, especially their time and opinion. I try not to criticize and never keep connection with those, who don’t share my values.

Sometimes I can have a sharp tongue, but I rarely get mad, and am never disrespectful. Please don’t be shy to leave your comments and questions. It will be a pleasure to read and reply to everyone!

Best regards,



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