A post about our summer and the price of dreams.

I’m sure this summer my husband and I became real adults. It was and still is difficult, busy and full of events, including our wedding celebration, which is coming in 3 weeks.
Let’s start with the beginning. If you told us year ago that we would move this year again and actually get our first dream home, we would laugh so hard. But between us, of course, as a normal couple we were dreaming about it. But believe or not, this June we started looking for our home.
Till that time we had a goal and an idea that we knew exactly what we wanted, and we found our dream house. Just perfect for our little family. I should probably post some pictures here, but unfortunately we just moved in and haven’t organized all our stuff yet. Plus we had one more issue with our broker, but I would like to dedicate a separate post to that to share our experience and maybe protect other young families from similar problems.
Besides this we had to move our wedding from Maine to Virginia, help my dad and sister get their visas, and of course keep working.
First my husband was joking how we will live after we will be done with all of this, it will be so boring. No more of this kind of joke!
No kidding, after this summer we definitely can classify ourselves as specialists in wedding planning, moving, real estate and international law, protecting our interests and fighting for our dreams.
Are we tired? Yeah, we are exhausted. Did we have fights between us? For sure.
Is it worth all of this? No doubt! Besides, through everything we became closer, we made new memories, our fights are in the past, our love is stronger, we have happiness in our hearts and we’re in our new home.

And how did you spend this summer? 🙂