As I told you before in my earlier post, so many things happened this summer. One of the busiest summers of my life, I would not even be afraid to call it the busiest.
I want to tell you everything: about our wedding experience and celebration, bringing my parents from abroad, corrupted embassy system, help from senators and our congressman, getting our first house, my macaron business, the love of photography, cooking, planning our honeymoon, living with my two #1s and happiness.
Honestly I don’t know even what to start with. Lot’s of stuff is keep going and not finished yet.
So let me tell you one of the biggest bits of news and something I’m very proud of … and didn’t share yet (shame on me). My yummy-yummy macarons. Now you can find them at Boccato Gelato and Espresso, a dessert and coffee place in Arlington (2719 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA). Please stop by and try some. It is a nice cafe between the Clarendon and Courthouse Metro stations. Dark, cozy, quiet, exactly what you want for a magical fall evening. I will present there some new flavors later this week, such as pumpkin cheesecake, mint chocolate and strawberry jello with milk chocolate cream.

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